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Lissa Rosenthal-Yoffe is a visual artist known for minimalist, methodical patterns, squares and self portraiture. She is a classically-trained artist and student of art history. Her conceptual works include multi-year projects that document blue skies and evening studies of her face. Her work is presented through social media and private collections.

Lissa was born in California in 1967. Early years were in New Jersey and New York. Her professional career has been based in New York, NY, Pittsburgh, PA and Washington, DC. Separate from her art work and related art projects, Lissa’s professional nonprofit and advocacy career spans decades, from the 1990s to present. She has led national arts and humanities organizations and equitable access initiatives in Washington, DC. Lissa is married to cultural anthropologist Mark Yoffe and spends time between Washington, DC and her studio on the Western Chesapeake. 

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